Research Papers

Going the Extra Mile: Farm Subsidies and Spatial Convergence in Agricultural Input Adoption” (with Shilpa Aggarwal, Dahyeon Jeong, Naresh Kumar, David Sungho Park, Jonathan Robinson, and Alan Spearot)
Reject and Resubmit, Economic Journal

(2022) “God is in the Rain: The Impact of Rainfall-Induced Early Social Distancing on COVID-19 Outbreaks” (with Ajay Shenoy, Bhavyaa Sharma, Guanghong Xu, Haedong Rho, and Kinpritma Sangha)
Journal of Health Economics 81: 102575

Works in progress

“Together to Work? Effect of Travel Buddies on Women’s Job Search and Mobility in India” (with Smit Gade)
Intervention Ongoing

“Search Costs and Women’s Employment: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Urban India” (with Monica Shandal)
Background and Scoping Complete

“Understanding Factors for Adoption of Modern Contraceptives: An Experiment with Private-sector Health Providers in Liberia” (with David Sungho Park)

“The Girl on the Train: Effect of Delhi Metro Transit System on Women’s Employment” (with Moumita Das)